Environmentally responsible entrepreneurship

What impact does the way in which you deliver products or services have on the environment? And has the quality system of your organization been set up in the right way? Kiwa helps you to create added value for your organization in the economic, social and ecological fields. Kiwa's goal is to create trust by ensuring that products, processes, organizations, living and working environments are as clean, healthy, safe and sustainable as possible

Environmentally conscious management and environmental performance

Sustainable entrepreneurship takes into account the impact that your economic activities (profit) have on your employees, society (people) and the environment (planet). Managing your organization in an environmentally conscious manner can yield all kinds of benefits: it not only saves money, but also provides you with a reliable and ‘green’ image. With an environmental management system you can structurally control your impact on the environment and improve it where possible. Kiwa can be of service to you in various ways. Together we can improve your environmental performance!

CO₂ performance of products

Government and society are increasingly demanding companies to be more aware of the impact of their activities on people and the environment. CO₂ emissions in the Netherlands must be reduced by half by 2030 and by as much as 95 percent in 2050. The Dutch government has decided this in response to the Paris Climate Agreement. Kiwa's services in the field of sustainability are intended to help organizations provide insight into the efforts and achievements in the field of sustainable business.