The tanks may be single-walled or double-walled and may or may not have compartments. Tanks in accordance with BRL-K747 with a diameter of up to and including 3 meters meet the requirements of EN 12285-1.

For whom?

Evaluation Guideline BRL-K747 is of added value for suppliers/producers of underground tanks.

When is it necessary?

Suppliers and manufacturers of underground tanks who provide their products under the product certificate BRL-K747 demonstrate their clients that the underground tanks have been produced under a quality assurance system regularly checked by Kiwa. Installation of these tanks is carried out by an installation company that is certified in accordance with Evaluation Guideline BRL SIKB 7800/BRL-K903 "Tank installations".

A tank in accordance with BRL-K747 is supplied with a tank conformity certificate upon delivery. This proof of tank conformity together with the tank installation certificate according to BRL SIKB 7800/BRL-K903 gives the user, but also the competent authority, the confidence that it is a safe and reliable tank installation. The BRL-K747 tank certificate of conformity and the tank certificate according to BRL SIKB 7800/BRL-K903 are also proof of compliance with PGS 28.

A good external coating on an underground tank is important to protect it against corrosion. This external coating must be applied in accordance with BRL-K790. Optionally, a tank according to BRL-K747 can be provided with an internal coating. This internal coating must also be applied in accordance with BRL-K790.


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This Evaluation Guideline is only available in Dutch.