You manufacture products, execute projects, work according to certain processes. How do you make sure they meet all relevant quality standards, requirements and legal obligations? By having them independently and impartially inspected. Inspection can help you reduce risks, control quality, verify quantity, and meet regulatory requirements, no matter the market sector or country you operate in. Kiwa is fully independent and offers a broad range of world-leading inspection services to bring you confidence.

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Testing sport facilities in laboratory

Kiwa guarantees sustainable and safe sports facilities for many forms of sport. Kiwa conducts continuous research in our own laboratory. Before fields or facilities are tested on site, the products that are used to build sports surfaces are tested in the laboratory of Kiwa.

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Testing, inspection and certification of concrete according to EN 206

Kiwa supports you with all services concerning testing, inspection and certification of concrete according to EN 206 and concrete products. For in-situ concrete, we inspect and certify e.g., according to national standards. Furthermore, we have all the testing facilities for in-situ testing and laboratory testing.

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Testing, inspection and certification of floor coverings

Testing, inspection and certification of floor coverings. Waterproofing membranes including liquid applied waterproofing and kits (for waterproofing against water and/or steam).

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Testing, Inspection and Certification of other CPR-Products

For construction products for which a harmonized European standard is not available (e.g. due to special features), there is the possibility of applying a voluntary CE. For the voluntary route, the first draft of a European Technical Assessment (ETA) and/or European Assessment Document (EAD) is mandatory.

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UBA – German Evaluation Criteria for Products and Materials in Contact with Drinking Water

In Germany, plastic products of all kinds as well as rubber products that come into contact with drinking water must meet the hygienic and toxicological requirements of the guidelines of the Federal Environment Agency test (UBA). This is described in the elastomer guideline as well as in the KTW guideline.

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CE-Marking of Cement, Building Lime and Other Hydraulic Binders

Kiwa supports you in obtaining the necessary certification and carries out the annual inspection of the plant as well as regular audit testing of your products in accordance with the prescribed standards.

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Testing, Inspection and Certification of Aggregates

The quality of aggregates and fillers is defined in the product standards EN 12620 (concrete), EN 13043 (asphalt), EN 13242 (unbound and hydraulically bound building materials) or EN 13383-1 (armour stone) depending on the field of application. Kiwa tests aggregates with several methods.

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Fire Safety Engineering

No two buildings are exactly alike. Many have similar functional requirements, but each is unique; incorporating different materials, layouts and occupants. Kiwa Fire Safety Compliance can apply fire engineering techniques, along with their exacting knowledge of standards and design acumen, to advise on robust and cost-effective fire safety engineering solutions.

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Plastics Piping Products for sewerage systems
SATAS Certifcation, Testing and Inspection

SATAS and Kiwa cooperate to help local importers and international manufactures of building products exporting to South Africa to secure the certifications and approvals they need, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Fire Risk Management

It is always better to prevent a fire than react to one – this simple mantra is the cornerstone of successful fire safety management. But sometimes fires do occur, and it can be a devastating prospect, but with the expertise of the Kiwa Fire Safety Compliance professionals you're in safe hands.

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Certification, inspection and testing of reinforced steel

Kiwa tests, inspects and certifies reinforced steel, reinforcing bars, coils and meshes, lattice girders, de-coiled reinforcing coils.

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Product Carbon Footprint

Kiwa c:sense | Independent carbon measurement

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UNI testing and certification
Kiwa UNI Testing and Certification

The KIWA-UNI mark certifies the conformity of plastic and metal components in contact with water and gas to national and international standards.

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NSF/ANSI/CAN 372 Product Certificate for Drinking Water System Components – Lead Content

NSF/ANSI/CAN 372 certification mark identifies the strict compliance of municipal water supply products, plumbing products, including individual components and materials.

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Infrastructure consultancy services

Infrastructure consultancy with a focus on all sorts of pavement constructions. From municipal roads to container terminals, from dike revetments to airports. We are experts in constructions and paving materials like asphalt concrete, concrete and block paving.

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Certification and Inspection of Structural Timber Elements

Kiwa service is relevant for all carpentries and timber construction companies that produce nail plate trusses as supporting structures for roof constructions or as formwork girders. Kiwa certifices your nail plate binders according to EN 14250. Inspection according to special national specifications e.g. RAL-GZ 601.

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Testing, Inspection and Certification of Geotextiles

As a notified body for geotextiles, we are accredited according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 (testing), EN ISO/IEC 17020 (inspection) and EN ISO/IEC 17065 (certification).

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NSF ANSI CAN 61: Drinking water
NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 Product Certificate for Drinking Water System Components

The NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 certification mark provided by Kiwa identifies the strict compliance of municipal water supply products, plumbing products, including individual components and materials.

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Certification for drinking water treatment chemicals
Kiwa NSF/ANSI/CAN 60 product certificate for drinking water chemicals

NSF/ANSI/CAN 60 is the American National Standard for evaluation of water treatment chemicals and is required by regulation or law in most U.S. states and Canadian provinces/territories. This Standard establishes minimum health effects requirements for the chemicals, the chemical contaminants, and the impurities that are directly added to drinking water for drinking water treatment.

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Food Bespoke Audits

Kiwa Agri Food | We provide bespoke audit services

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DIN CERTCO Approval, Testing and Inspection

Kiwa is a recognized laboratory by DIN CERTCO to provide testing and inspections services plastics piping systems for heating systems materials.

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NSF ANSI CAN 61: Drinking water
OWWSC approval for manufacturer & vender by Kiwa

OWWSC approval is applicable to all manufactures and suppliers of water supply components and materials that are used in the production and distribution networks in Sultanate of Oman. Kiwa can supports this compliance process by providing testing and inspection services that serve as basis for granting the approval by OWWSC.

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Inspection, Testing and Data Collection of Lighting Columns and Highway Assets

Kiwa CMT | We test street lights for local authorities TR22/Guidance Note 22/19 (GN22)

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Solar PV modules testing and certification

Kiwa operates an internationally recognized certification scheme for Solar PV modules (crystalline and thin film). This is the Kiwa Quality Approval. We use our accredited laboratory facilities to test PV modules according to IEC 61730 for safety and IEC 61215.

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