Welcome to Kiwa Technology. Our company focused on the gas sector initially. Having expanded our knowledge and skills over the years, we now concentrate on developing future-oriented, sustainable energy and water solutions and infrastructures and also carry out quality evaluations on products, processes, organisations and people.

  • Sustainable and flexible energy supply

    The nature of our energy supply is set to change dramatically. With fossil fuels slowly but surely running out, we are increasingly shifting our focus to more sustainable, renewable alternatives. This transition will have consequences for the infrastructure that we use to generate, transport and store energy.

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  • A pioneer in hydrogen and P2G solutions

    It will be vital for us to transform our energy system in the years ahead. Not just because current energy sources - fossil fuels in particular - are slowly but surely running out, but also to prevent any further global warming. As a carbon-free energy carrier, hydrogen could have an important role to play in this respect: in industrial processes, as a fuel and as a storage medium for surplus energy.

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