• Gas

    The use of gas as an energy source requires a supply chain that includes production and supply to various types of industries and consumers. Within this chain, aspects like materials, storage, distribution, measurements, analysis and safety play an important role

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    Gas meters
  • Hydrogen

    In order to become less reliable on fossil energy sources and to prevent further global warming, we have to transform our energy system. As a carbon-free energy carrier, hydrogen can play an important role in this energy transition. In industrial processes, in automotive and as a storage medium for surplus energy.

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    Hydrogen atom
  • Heat

    The way we generate and distribute energy and heat is changing. Hydrogen, green gas, heat pumps, privately generated solar and wind energy and heat networks require continuous attention for reliable energy and heat supply in a safe and clean environment.

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    Heating, ventilation & airconditioning
  • Energy (consumption)

    Energy use is ever increasing. How we address energy demand issues and at the same time make our energy system more sustainable, leads to a complex work field.

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  • Technology

    Technological developments are accelerating to enable the energy transition. Technologies and materials behind these developments must meet many requirements in order to be successfully implemented.

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    Man working to develop robot
  • Alternative fuels

    With fossil fuels running out, we are shifting our focus to sustainable, renewable alternatives. Sustainable gas will play a major role in fulfilling the future energy supply.

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    Refuel petrol
  • Piping systems

    In addition to changes in energy generation and generation, the energy storage and distribution network will also have to be prepared for new energy flows from sustainable sources, generated locally in varying quantities.

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    Piping systems