Production and product control

An important part of the GASTEC QA contract is production and product control. Kiwa Netherlands B.V. visits the supplier and / or the production site to perform an audit on the production of the approved products.

Divided over the visits, the following program will be used annually:

  • Check of calibration status of test equipment
  • Entry control raw materials / components
  • Inspection of final product (tests / measurements)
  • Inspection during the manufacturing process (testing / measurements)
  • Procedure for products with deviations
  • Storage and (internal) transport of product
  • Handling of complaints handling.

During the audit also products are selected on a random bases. These selected products are then tested by Kiwa Nederland B.V. following the test program which can be found in the relevant test requirement.

The number of inspection visits / audits per year is determined in the general GASTEC QA inspection requirements. It also describes the requirements regarding the quality system.