What is GASTEC QA?

The GASTEC QA mark on a gas product is the manufacturer's declaration that its product meets the highest requirements with regard to quality, functionality and safety. If you as user want absolute certainty, then use GASTEC QA approved products. GASTEC QA (Quality Approved) is an independent quality mark which exclusively by Kiwa Nederland B.V. is issued.

GASTEC QA for various products

GASTEC QA is available for the following products, among others:

  • Indoor and outdoor pipelines;
  • Couplings;
  • Valves and Taps;
  • Measuring and control equipment;

Obtain the GASTEC QA quality mark

If you are interested in obtaining the GASTEC QA brand on your product, you can submit your application through nl.gastecqa@kiwa.nl. Based on your request we will make you an offer in which all relevant information can be found, including the test program to be followed, the required samples and the planning. If results are already available that you have obtained from other accredited institutes, this will be taken into account in the offer.

When the tests have been finished and successfully completed, you will receive a certification report and a contract for GASTEC QA. When the contract is signed you will receive the certificate as a result of the certification report and it will also be available on the Kiwa website. From that moment on you can provide all your GASTEC QA approved products with the GASTEC QA logo or word mark.

All applicable agreements can be found on the publications page of Kiwa to the General Terms and Conditions for the performance of assignments 2014 and additionally the Kiwa Regulations for Certification 2017. Changes regarding Inspection requirements / Assessment guidelines are listed on the page Changes BRLs.