14 March 2019

Gastec QA quality mark hydrogen gas components in the making

A recent study Kiwa conducted for grid provider Netbeheer Nederland shows the Dutch natural gas network can be relatively easy adapted for hydrogen gas distribution. As manager of the Gastec QA quality mark, Kiwa anticipates this with a new quality mark Approval Requirement (AR) (Dutch: Keuringseis, KE) 214 ‘Suitability for hydrogen gas’.

The current Gastec QA quality mark is focused on components used in the distribution and application of fossil gases such as natural gas, propane and butane. The new RA 214 contains specific requirements for components used in a hydrogen gas network. For example, pressure regulators and valves for natural gas cannot simply be used for hydrogen. The RA 214 is written as an inspection requirement for all existing products in the gas distribution network. Manufacturers who want to certify against RA 214 must already be in possession of a Gastec QA certificate or can obtain both quality marks simultaneously in one process.

According to the Gastec QA Board of Experts the RA 214 ‘Suitability for hydrogen gas’ is the first step towards a full certification scheme for hydrogen gas components and infrastructure. It is expected that every product used in networks and installations for hydrogen gas will have its own inspection requirement, including permeation requirements, in the near future. Because at the moment no hydrogen gas is actually through the natural gas network, Kiwa expects that the insights gained during the drafting of the RA 214 will also lead to adjustment of the Gastec QA quality requirements.

Do you want to know more about the new RA 214? Floris van Halem, Gastec QA product manager, is happy to tell you more about it. Please contact him via floris.van.halem@kiwa.nl or +31 (0) 88 998 3384.