5 June 2019

H&M first Dutch non-food retailer with an ISO 50001 certificate

Kiwa certifies H&M Netherlands for their energy management system

Fashion retailer H&M Netherlands has received the ISO 50001 certificate for energy management from Kiwa. This makes H&M the first Dutch non-food retailer with this important certification. The H&M group wants to want to contribute to sustainable solutions for the effects of the greenhouse effect and climate change and has met all ISO 50001 requirements. Paul Hesselink, CEO of Kiwa, has issued the ISO 50001 certificate to H&M.

Susan Krau, country manager of H&M Netherlands, is proud of the certification: “Our first priority is energy efficiency, which means that we do not use more energy than necessary and we do not waste energy. With our energy management system we can accurately assess where and when we can save energy, and our facility department can intervene immediately.”

Paul Hesselink: “Certification makes the efforts of companies and organizations in all kinds of areas measurable and visible. It is good to see that the fashion industry, with a stature company like H&M at the forefront, takes responsibility and wants to be accountable for the efficient use of energy. This is important for a liveable world, now and in the future."

Stustainable ambitions

H&M is also committed to be climate-positive in the entire value chain by 2040. With this ISO 50001 certification by Kiwa a good step has already been taken to realize their sustainable ambitions.

ISO 50001

ISO 50001:2018 is the international standard for energy management. The standard enables organizations to develop and implement an energy policy. With an energy management system, an organization can structurally control energy consumption and, where possible, even reduce it. The ISO 50001 supports companies with the introduction of their energy management system and helps to improve it effectively.

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