25 September 2019

Kiwa joins Hydrogen Innovation Mission Japan

Japan invests heavily in hydrogen. The government has an extensive hydrogen roadmap. Toyota is leading the industry with its development of the Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car. And by using hydrogen Japan aspires to make the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 the most durable Games ever organized. From September 23 till 28 there will be a Dutch Innovation Mission Hydrogen to Japan. Wolter Veenhoven will represent Kiwa during this mission.

The Hydrogen Innovation Mission is organized by The Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (EZK), the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the Innovation Attaché in Japan. The mission is a follow-up to the visit of a Japanese hydrogen delegation to The Netherlands in October 2018. It is organized in the same week as the Hydrogen Energy Ministerial Meeting on the 25th of September. The program includes a visit to the Olympic village, a strategic session with policy makers and visits to for instance Kawasaki, Chiyoda, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Iwatani. Find the complete program on the website of the Netherlands Office for Science and Technology.

Mission goals

Hastex International KK represents the interests of Kiwa in Japan. Wolter Veenhoven works for Hastex and will participate in the Hydrogen Innovation Mission on behalf of Kiwa. Veenhoven will focus on several topics. First of all the goal is to further strengthen the existing international network of governmental organizations and approval bodies, appliance, car and component manufacturers and trading firms. Also Kiwa wants to extend the network with utilities and heavy and chemical industries.

In addition, Veenhoven will look for new business opportunities in the industrial sectors, power generation and investigating the needs for support in promoting the interests in The Netherlands and Japan in the field of hydrogen. The mission also gives an excellent opportunity to identify specific needs and issues for Kiwa to focus on and to gain more insights into:

  • the views and developments in Japan and The Netherlands on generation, transport, distribution and storage of hydrogen;
  • the application of hydrogen in mobility sectors (road, marine, train, air) and home appliances;
  • the role of utilities;
  • the role of hydrogen in power generation.

The Netherlands and hydrogen

Hydrogen is an important topic in The Netherlands. There are many hydrogen initiatives in the market. For instance, when looking at the Climate Agreement, a plan of approach is created across the board, from government to industries, from built environment to energy storage, and from investors to knowledge institutions. This programmatic approach focusses on reduction of costs and upscaling. Innovation and international cooperation are crucial to that. Examples of achievements by Kiwa in this respect are:

  • Certification of pipeline for the transport of hydrogen;
  • Certification of hydrogen components for fuel cell vehicles;
  • Feasibility studies for the blending of hydrogen with natural gas and other topics related to the transition to the hydrogen economy.

Japan and hydrogen

The hydrogen roadmap automatically places hydrogen high on the agenda of the Japanese government. The industry also invests a lot in hydrogen. Aforementioned Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car of Toyota and the most durable Olympic Games in 2020 are just two examples. Panasonic for instance focusses on stationary fuel cells in built environments. And the worlds first megawatt-class gas turbine on hydrogen is operational in the Japanese city Kobe since April last year.

Hydrogen trade mission China

Kiwa also joines the trade mission focusing on hydrogen in China from 23-28 September. This mission is organized by OostNL. Several Dutch companies are present and participate in an extensive program which focusses on the hydrogen development in the city of Wuhan. The week will end in Rugao where the participants will visit the Fuel Cell Vehicle Congress (FCVC).

Kiwa’s hydrogen services

Kiwa believes in the opportunities hydrogen offers and has an extensive portfolio with unique services in the complete hydrogen chain, from production to end use. Curious to our services in the field of hydrogen? Discover more on our special hydrogen page.