2 November 2021

Look around in our labs? Check out our virtual tours!

As an independent expert in the field of testing, inspection and certification, Kiwa has its own state-of-the-art laboratories and test facilities. Here our professionals test new products against the applicable quality requirements and carry out research into materials in the most diverse circumstances. Now you can look around in Kiwa’s labs yourself, wherever and whenever you want, thanks to our virtual tours. 

During a virtual tour, you can walk around our labs virtually. While you are wandering digitally through our labs, you come across videos in which Kiwa employees tell more about the work that takes place at a specific location. What is being tested and why? How does that happen? And what role do they themselves play in this? In this way, the virtual tours give you an interesting and unique look behind the scenes at Kiwa. 

Three tours available 

There are currently three virtual tours available: from our EMC laboratory, the Gas Blending Station and our Hydrogen Experience Centre. The EMC lab tests whether electrical equipment meets the requirements that apply to electromagnetic fields. The Gas Blending Station is used as a storage and distribution center for the gases used in the various Kiwa labs. Finally, the Hydrogen Experience Center is Kiwa's unique demo and training location for the application of hydrogen in the built environment. 


Check out our virtual tours

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