5 April 2024

Safety Culture Ladder scheme revised

The Safety Culture Ladder (SCL) is being increasingly utilized by organizations as a tool to measure and promote safety awareness. The SCL originated in the Dutch railway sector but is now being internationally employed by a wide range of organizations. This broader application prompted a revision of the SCL handbook and certification scheme, resulting in the introduction of Safety Culture Ladder 2.0, which has been in effect since the beginning of this year.

What are the changes?

Safety Culture Ladder 2.0 will replace the current version in the coming years. Changes include:

  • The assessment of organizational culture is now based on five themes instead of the previous six;
  • The description of these themes is more focused on organizational culture;
  • A description of Level 1 has been added to ensure a logical progression of descriptions;
  • The weighting method has been adjusted (partly conditional, partly associated behavior);
  • Reporting requirements have been revised, with reports no longer being traceable to individuals.

Structure and content of the certification scheme

In the previous version there were six themes, whereas in SCL 2.0, there are now five:

  • Theme 1: Policy and leadership;
  • Theme 2: Knowledge and skills;
  • Theme 3: Primary and secondary processes;
  • Theme 4: Collaboration with external parties;
  • Theme 5: Learning and improvement.

Transition period

SCL 2.0 has been in effect since 1 January 2024. From 1 January 2025, (re)certification is only possible according to SCL 2.0. However, follow-up audits may still be based on the old version. From 1 January 2028, all valid certificates must be based on SCL 2.0.

More information

For more information about Safety Culture Ladder 2.0, please visit the SCL product page or contact us!