25 October 2021

ViA: Temporary relaxation of sanctions due to high demand for SCL certifications

The introduction of the ViA scheme, effective January 1, 2022, has created an overwhelming demand for certifications according to the NEN Safety Culture Ladder (SCL) scheme. This has caused a capacity shortage in certification bodies, which has led the Governance Code Veiligheid in de Bouw (GCVB) to decide to temporarily relax the requirements imposed on the means of evidence. Below you can read what this means.

Due to the high demand for SCL certifications, the certification bodies have virtually no audit capacity available for this year and the first quarter of 2022. The GCVB task force Veiligheid in Aanbestedingen (ViA) is therefore temporarily relaxing the sanctions regime. Do you not have the required means of proof on 1 January 2022? Then a signed quotation from a certifying body with an appointment confirmation for an audit/test will be accepted. You must be able to demonstrate that you have already carried out a self-assessment before that date.

The ViA task force and the certification bodies maintain close contact about the current capacity issue. As soon as there is sufficient capacity again, only valid means of evidence will be accepted. It is therefore important to examine as soon as possible (by means of the ViA user guide/risk matrix) to examine which means of evidence applies to you and to request this from Kiwa or another certifying institution.