• Hydrogen

    Kiwa provides testing, certification and technical guidance at all aspects of the hydrogen chain, from generation to end use. The page below provides an overview of Kiwa’s hydrogen services for manufactures, networks and suppliers.

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    Hydrogen atom
  • Solar energy

    Solar energy has now become fully established as an alternative, sustainable energy source. The market for solar technology is therefore no longer a niche. Solar collectors and photovoltaic (PV) modules have become ordinary consumer products supplied by a large number of globally active companies.

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    Worker leaning on solar panels
  • Biogas

    Biogas can be produced by fermenting fruit and vegetable residues, sewage sludge and manure. Biogas is an important asset in making our energy supply more sustainable. Biogas that is generated energy-neutrally biogas can be used in combined heat and power plants or upgraded to green gas that is mixed into the natural gas network.

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    A green bio tank
  • Wind

    The Netherlands and wind are inextricably linked. Windmills used to keep our feet dry and enabled us to eat bread. Nowadays we use wind to generate sustainable energy. But how does a modern windmill actually work? And what role does wind energy play in the Dutch energy supply?

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    Worker sitting on a windmill
  • Energy transition courses

    A lot is changing in the way we generate and distribute energy. Kiwa Training ensures that high-quality courses keep you up-to-date, with general and specialist technical courses and trainings for technicians and policy makers involved in the energy transition.

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    Two hands touching an orb