• Circularity in construction

    Circularity is increasingly becoming a hot topic in both the construction and utility sector and in ground, road and hydraulic engineering. On the one hand, there is encouragement from governments, on the other, more and more clients are also making demands when it comes to sustainability.

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    Worker who is sawing
  • Sustainable materials

    Worldwide demand for raw materials is increasing. Many of these raw materials are not infinitely available, which can lead to scarcity and thus price increases. Some raw materials can also become the focus of trade conflicts. In addition, the extraction and processing of raw materials often has a major impact on the environment.

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    Steel pipes piled up
  • Sustainable construction

    Sustainable and circular constructed buildings are structures that are designed and executed according to circular design principles. The re-use of products, materials and elements is already taken into account during design and construction, and during use it is ensured that these are maintained. Kiwa has various services that you can use to guarantee the maintenance of your building.

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    Blueprints of buildings
  • Environmentally friendly demolition

    The reuse of construction and demolition waste from civil and utility construction is already happening on a large scale. Over 95 percent of the waste is reused, although not always on the aspired minimum same level of quality and usability.

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    Two men discussing plans at construction site