Content assesment guideline

ETAG 034 covers kits for vertical exterior wall claddings consisting of an external cladding, mechanically fastened to a framework which is fixed to the external wall of the new or existing building.
An insulation layer us usually fixed on the external wall. Between the cladding and insulation layer, there shall be an air space which always shall be drained and may be ventilated or not.

ETAG 034 consists of 2 part where part II shall be used in conjunction with part I:
- Part I: External claddings and associated mechanical fixings intended to be use with a ventilated air space.
- Part II: External claddings and associated mechanical fixings including the supporting subframe and the fixing devices, intended to be used with a air space, ventilated or not.

The ETAG does not cover cladding kits where the cladding is bonded to the framework.
The claddings are non-loadbearing construction elements and are not intended to ensure airtightness of the building structure.

ETAG 034 is drawn up by EOTA Working Group 04.04/08 - Kits for external wall claddings.

For whom?

Manufacturers and suppliers of kits for external wall claddings.

When is it necessary?

Drafting an ETA is not mandatory. However, requests for CE-marking by customers are increasingly common for building materials.


ETAG 034 describes all requirements, assessment criteria and methods of assessment used applicable for kits for external wall claddings.
For certification steps 1-5 apply. Kiwa is happy to guide you trough these steps.

  • Download ETAG 034 part I and when applicable part II from the EOTA website.
  • Request a quotation from Kiwa by using the application form.
  • Have Kiwa prepare an ETA based on ETAG 034. Kiwa also is a Technical Assessment Body (TAB) for ETAG 034. More information can be found on this website.
  • Kiwa will perform an FPC assessment on all criteria for certification based on your ETA. If requirements are met, a certificate will be granted. Any non-conformities first will have to be resolved.
  • In order to maintain your certificate, Kiwa will perform annual audits to verify that processes continuously meet requirements.

Regulations regarding EOTA (European Organisation for Technical Assessment) can be found on the EOTA website.