An outline of our activities on adhesives:
• Categorization and visualization of failure modes
• Examination and analysis of adhesive interfaces and surfaces
• Determination of VOC content
• Peel and adhesion testing, tensile testing, shear testing, flexural testing, chemical resistance testing, release force testing
• Performance testing at high and low temperatures
• Test reports for CE compliance (EN 14680, EN 14814)
• Independent arbitrations
• Consultancy with respect to specifications and requirements for specific applications
• Material selections
• Inspections and guidance
• Product certification and approvals for drinking water contact
• Product certification and approvals for adhesives in thermoplastic piping systems

Kiwa offers independent evaluations of adhesive product performance to users and applicators of adhesives, as well as to manufacturers and end users of assembled products.
Kiwa product approvals and certificates create trust on your adhesives and enlarge your access to market.