As a manufacturer or private label holder of a construction product, you may be required to affix the CE marking to your construction products, and to let your product and the process of quality control be assessed by a notified body such as Kiwa, depending on the European standard for the specific construction product.

CE marking of construction products is based on European regulations (Construction Products Regulation or CPR). The European Commission publishes on the 'Nando' website the standards drafted for construction products and for which CE applies.

For placing CE-marking on the products you are responsible to

  • assess the product performances
  • introduce and maintain a Factory Production Control (FPC)

With the FPC system you will check if the performances of the product does not change over time.
The legal terminology used to describe those tasks for the CE marking is "assessment and verification of the constancy of performance" (AVCP).

Depending on the category of the AVCP system (1, 1 +, 2+, 3 or 4), a notified body such as Kiwa must assess your FPC system and / or assess your product performance.

What AVCP system applies for your product is written in the Annex ZA of the relevant harmonized European standard.
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Why do I need CE marking?

The added value of the CE marking is that all countries should allow the sale of construction products bearing the CE mark without extra requirements. Together with the declaration of performance, CE marking helps your customers and end users to check product performances and compare products with the same technical approach.

When you as manufacturer label your product with CE marking, you ensure that the performance of your product is consistent with your declaration and that the marking has been obtained using the correct European Technical Specification.

Drafting a Declaration of Performance (DoP) and CE marking

You must provide a declaration of performance and a CE marking for and on any construction product to which CE marking applies. How to compile the declaration of performance and the CE marking is shown in the European Commission's brochure: The CE mark for construction products - Step by Step.

More information on CE marking

Your national contact point for building products gives you the opportunity to ask general questions regarding the CE marking.

You can also find more general information about CE marking on the European Commission's wesbite. Here the European Commission keeps a list of Frequently Asked Questions