Relevant to manufacturers and suppliers of energy products.

Based on the test results the energy performance of heating products and hot water products can be determined (energy label A+++ to G).

Besides the sound power level and Nox emission can be tested as well.

The energy performance and sound power level can be indicated by labelling

The energy label for heating and hot water products is  required from 26 September 2015. It is a great tool to asses at which class your products are at this moment. In the future, the energy label will be very important. Show your customers that you are prepared for the future and only offer the best.

You can ask for a quotation or information either by phone or e-mail. From there we support and guide you. We have all testing facilities in house. After approval of the quotation the test work starts. A test report will be sent to you by Kiwa when all the test work and the determination of the energy performance of the products have been performed successfully.