Does your hair dryer interfere with your TV? If so then this is an EMC problem; either the hairdryer is producing more electromagnetic noise then the requirements needed to meet the appropriate test standards or the TV is not Immune to such noise.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing is the ability to measure the interference between finished products, in order for those to work in their intended environments without causing disruption to products in close proximity to each other.

Full EMC compliance testing is the application all of the tests required for your product according to the appropriate standard(s). The testing is charged after consideration of the product against the test standards. Accredited test reports and test certificates are provided at no extra charge.

Should we have issues with any particular test during EMC compliance testing then we are able to pause the compliance test and work to resolve those issues. Testing can then be resumed once a fix has been established. If needed we can revert to EMC pre-compliance testing at pre-compliance testing rates.

EMC pre-compliance testing service uses the same calibrated equipment as the full compliance testing and test slots are booked in multiples of half-days.

EMC pre-compliance testing is charged on a time basis and as such it offers high flexibility in that, for example, we can either perform 10 tests on one product or put 10 products through 1 test. With our extensive experience we can suggest and apply the most onerous tests for your product and you can take advantage of our ability to resolve most issues identified.

Our specialty is making sure that customers have the same technical expert throughout their test programme. Having that single point of contact makes communication simple and helps us ensure that our turnaround times are some of the fastest in the business.

We test:

Information Technology equipment;

Analogue and digital Telecommunication Terminal Equipment

Industrial control Equipment

Laboratory equipment

Gaming machines, electronic toys and games

Domestic appliances

Medical and scientific equipment

Security equipment

Fire and smoke equipment

Other commercial products