KIWA-UNI mark is based on European standards or Italian and adds requirements that prove quality and reliability of the product over time. Sometimes the European Standards overlook some important aspects regarding safety and the minimum performance of the products, or do not consider to carry out inspections and periodic surveillance on them. It miss so a guarantee that the mass production maintains unchanged the The brand KIWA - UNI certifies that products conform to national and international standards with the specific recognition by UNI certification according to UNI and UNI EN.

Kiwa with KIWA-UNI wants to fill this gap, ensuring the quality of certified products with regular checks. Remarkable is the customer service with the release of the products guaranteed KIWA-UNI on our website to ensure greater transparency and also to provide a useful reference point for those who work in the building sector in order to find immediately a whole range of products that are excellent.

Manufacturers of plastic pipes for the transport and distribution of water and gas, industrial or domestic, and components made either by plastic or by rubber.

Manufacturers of taps, valves and sanitary metal products for the distribution of water or gas.

The starting point is to understand your needs and work with you to find the best and most efficient way to reach your target. The procedure essentially is:

  1. Product evaluation
  2. Initial type testing, if necessary
  3. Initial audit  of the Factory Production Control
  4. After granting the certificate, maintenance of certification through annual checks on the manufacturing process and on the realized products

What next ?

We would like to invite you to contact us and let the local Kiwa experts to support you with regards to your market’s needs, costs reduction and maximization of quality.