Relevant to developers of appliances, end of production line testers etc.

The recorded gas flow rate is combined with temperature, pressure and calorific value and converted to kW or Btu/hr.
The measured heat input is displayed graphically. The graphs can be saved and printed. The program also provides additional information such as heat input changes in very short periods. Manual determination of the heat input is still possible.

The standard delivery consists of a gas meter with digital read-out, CD with Gas Meter Viewer software, calibration certificate, CD with calibration file, terminal cable + connector, users manual. There is a possibility to expand the automatic gas meter reading system with accessories such as a gas pressure regulator set, Meteo Station, flexible connectors for gas meter,USBto RS232 converter.

The gas meter will be fully calibrated with an accuracy of 1%, unless otherwise agreed. At the end of the calibration period Kiwa can (re-)calibrate your gas meter.

If you wish to carry out heat input measurements quickly and with high accuracy. Also if you wish to speed your time to market, increase your control over processes, and, most importantly, save significant amounts of money.

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