Relevant to developers of appliances and certifying bodies.

The basic combustion test rig consists of a flue gas conditioning unit and a CO/CO2 analyzer. It can be extended with NO/NO2/NOx, O2, Cx, Hy, CH4, pressure measurements (forced draught burners) and temperature measurements For the gas input and oil input several ranges are possible.

Our combustion test rigs including input measurement, can measure and show all the required parameters including fuel consumption, temperature, pressure and emissions in real time. Results are stored in a computer and can be delivered in graphical form to your own corporate identity-ready for inclusion in in-house reports or type-test technical files. For product audit purposes we build customized test rigs with automated test cycles to comply with most directives or standards. The final result is a fully traceable test report for each appliance. This saves time and ensures quality.

With a Kiwa combustion test rigs including input measurement installed in-house, there is no need to send all of your prototypes to expensive external facilities. You save time and money by doing most or even all the testing at your own facility. You can use Kiwa test towers at any stage of your product development process. You can test prototypes, evaluate modifications to existing products and even monitor quality during production.

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