Relevant to developers of appliances and certifying bodies.

In a buffer tank combined with a heater 300 litres of hot water can be stored. A controller with control valve takes care of the correct water temperature to be supplied to the combi boiler or hot water appliance under test. The water flow to the device under test is controlled by the ETR.

For this option special additional software is developed which has to be installed on the ETR computer. Further measures have to be taken in the hardware of theETRto make communication with the NZ module possible. With the automatic ETRcombi boiler in combination with the NZ-Module it is possible to test according to the following standard:


If you prefer to have more specific information about the automatic ETR combi boiler, please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with more information.

If you wish to perform accurate measurements on CH combi boilers and hot water appliances suitable for combination with solar systems.

With a Kiwa test rig installed in-house, there is no need to send all of your prototypes to expensive external facilities. You save time and money by doing most or even all the testing at your own facility. You can use Kiwa test rigs at any stage of your product development process. You can test prototypes, evaluate modifications on existing products.