• Gas holder membranes and membranes for flexible roofs, used for flexible storage and buffer of (bio)gas installations and tanks for fuels and other chemicals;
  • Expansion vessel membranes;
  • Membranes for desalination, separation and (reverse) osmosis;
  • Membranes in fuel cells, (semi-)permeable membranes;
  • Tank liners for storage of water, oil, chemicals;
  • Pipe liners for sewage and drinking water piping systems;
  • Pipe liners for oil & gas piping systems.

gas holder membranes - flexible roof membranes - non-permeable, permeable membranes - expansion vessel membranes - membranes for desalination, reverse osmosis, fuel cells
tank liners - sewage liners - pipe liners - barrier liners – rubber and plastic composite liners

All parties dealing with design, engineering, manufacturing and use of membranes and liners.

  • For inspections, approvals and certification.
  • In all cases where questions arise and problems need to be solved with respect to the quality of membranes and liners.

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