For manufacturers of Plastics Piping Systems and related Materials Kiwa is the right contact address for obtaining the necessary test reports, inspections of the production locations and arranging the certifications needed to become product acceptance and code compliance across North America. Kiwa has a close cooperation with recognized North American certification agencies.

The vast majority of US states require compliance to NSF/ANSI 14 for plastics piping systems and related materials.

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Seeking compliance to plumbing codes?

Compliance to NSF/ANSI 14, related ASTM product standards, and NSF/ANSI 61 in case of applications in contact with drinking water, is a solid base for obtaining listing according to the most important plumbing codes, like International Plumbing Code IPC and Uniform Plumbing Code UPC.

Kiwa test reports and inspection services are recognized and accepted by US certification bodies, like ICC-ES and WQA.

We are pleased to help you further in this process.