This Evaluation Guideline is based on the European Standard hEN 13616:2004 "Overfill prevention devices for static tanks for liquid petroleum fuels". Requirements in this Evaluation Guideline have a cross-reference to the articles of the hEN 13616:2004. Some requirements in this Evaluation Guideline are additional or different to the hEN 13616.

For whom?

For suppliers and producers of overfill prevention devices, tank owners, tank installation companies, producers of under ground and above ground storage installations.

When is it necessary?

Evaluation Guideline BRL-K636/03 is intended for overfill prevention devices used in almost all storage installations for liquid fuel and lubricating oil, waste oil and other soil-threatening liquids. Consult the supplier or installer for use in liquids other than liquid fuels. Installation of these overfill prevention devices is carried out by the instructions of the supplier/producer and by an installation company that is certified in accordance with Evaluation Guideline BRL SIKB 7800/BRL-K903.


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