Relevant to Pipe and Fitting Manufacturers, Contractors, Network Companies, and all other parties who seek answers to their enquiries regarding plastic gas piping systems.

Plastic pipe materials have already been proven to be safe and reliable in gas distribution for many decades. For plastic gas pipes and fittings, PE (polyethylene) is worldwide the most well known material. Furthermore PVC is also being successfully used for low gas distribution pipes and mechanical fittings since a long time.

iwa is active in securing the quality, safety and reliability of these traditional PE and PVC gas distribution piping systems since the introduction of these materials. We are also very active regarding more recently introduced and new polymer materials for gas distribution, like PA (polyamide), PE100 RC, and numerous innovative multilayer and composite piping systems, and regarding alternative materials for gas fittings (e.g.POM, PPSU, PVDF).

Polymer materials are also more and more used for indoor gas piping systems. For already more than a decade Kiwa has experience withPEXand multilayer piping systems, connected with mechanical metal fittings or plastic fittings (PPSU, PVDF).

The services and solutions that the Kiwa Expert Centre Polymers offer regarding plastic gas distribution piping systems and plastic gas installation piping systems are:

  • Certification of plastic pipes and fittings
  • Product inspections
  • Physical & mechanical testing of plastic materials and products
  • Chemical resistance testing of plastic materials
  • Testing of pipe joints
  • Service life investigations and residual lifetime assessments
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Trouble shooting
  • Damage/failure analyses
  • Independent arbitrations
  • Market research
  • Support in product development
  • Training & seminars
  • Development of test methods

In all occasions where polymeric expertise and testing is needed. 

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