The residual service life of exsisting installations, being in service for many years, is also an important issue for the asset and maintance departments of companies. Kiwa is often requested to investigate and evaluate if rubber parts or products can function during a longer period. In many cases the exchange of the rubber product was not neccessary, even beyond the initial design life or guarantee period. A clear advantage for our clients!

Examples where Kiwa experts gave their advise:

  • Civil infrastructural works (dams, bridges, tunnels, aquaducts
  • Inflatable rubber dam
  • Rubber seals in main piping net for drinking water
  • Rubber seals in hot water circulation installations
  • Rubber seals in piping net for gas
  • Rubber tank liners
  • Rubber membranes in gas holders
  • Rubber sealing tunnel profiles

Kiwa's investigations and predictions of service life are based on expert knowledge of physical and chemical ageing processes that change rubber material properties as a function of time, temperature, media, load and environment. This we combine with smart testing programs to come to the right answers.

Kiwa carries out investigations for manufacturers of rubber compounds and rubber products, distributors and traders, designers, manufacturers and constructors of installations and equipment, maintenance and asset management.

Knowledge of the service life of a rubber product is important for the choice of the right rubber material for a new product and during maintenance and asset management of installations.

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