A certified product manufacturer can use the “S Mark” meaning safety on the products or package and can advertise this on their product.

Products list

Products lists for "S Mark" certification are classified as industrial machinery, parts of the device.

Industrial machinery and device

  • Machine Tools like CNC Lathe, Milling Machine, etc.
  • Transportation Machinery like Motorized Forklift, etc.
  • Semiconductor, LCD Manufacturing Equipment
  • Automation facilities like robots and other industrial machinery and devices

Parts of the Industrial Machinery and Devices

  • Sensors, breakers, gauges, slings
  • Safe Parts, Industrial computers and peripherals etc.

Exclusion of S-Mark Certification

  • Items for Obligatory Safety Certification such as hazadous machines, personal protective equipment and protective devices
  • In case there are not the essential technical standards for safety audits.

Type of S-Mark Certification

Sereis Products Assessment

Yearly confirmation on whether the manufacturer is producing the products while maintaining the contents of documentary assessment and technical capability, production system at the time when he/she is receiving safety certification continuously.

Limited Products Assessment

Valid type only the product at the time of application and those changed particular product according to the order.