‘On the way to PlanetProof’ farmers and horticulturists are working towards a cleaner air, fertiliser soil, good water quality and animal welfare. They pay attention to more nature on the farm, circular waste processing and recycling.

Who can use the quality mark ‘on the way to PlanetProof’?

Farmers and ‘horticulturists that meet the requirements of ‘PlanetProof may use the ‘On the way to PlanetProof’. Traders, packagers and processors of products have to meet the ‘PlanetProof’ criteria to get certified in order to create transparency. The requirements of PlanetProof are revised and refined if needed every year.

How does the process work?

Do you want to get certified for ‘On the way to PlanetProof’? This is how it works: Do the self-scan by filling in the digital checklist and see if you can get certified. After the self-scan you can apply with Kiwa and we take care of the application with SMK. Members of grower’s associations can apply directly or by their organization. We will preform audits on a yearly base and the first inspection before the certification will take will around the harvest. The certificate ‘On the way to PlanetProof’ will be given when all requirements are met.

Advantages of ‘On the way to PlanetProof’ certification

Increasing demand to more sustainable products

  • Suppliers prove the degree of sustainability of their products with the certificate.

Risk of damage and sustainability claims

  • Retailers can no longer blame the producers of product risks and invalid sustainability claims but will face their own responsibility. This results into concrete demands to suppliers and strict claims. Certification works as a guarantee.

Reward for leaders in sustainability

  • Parties on the market put pressure on their suppliers to be more sustainable, e.g. ‘sustainable purchasing’ by the Dutch government.

Increasing scarcity of raw materials

  • Scarcity of raw materials forces companies to use less of them. The savings can be realised by following the criteria of the PlanetProof certification scheme in the use of raw materials, water, energy, pesticides etc. This also results in financial savings.


  • An increasing number of employees prefer to work for Corporate Socially Responsible operating organizations.

Guide for sustainable purchasing

  • SMK-certification schemes are ideal guidelines for organizations that value environmental and sustainability aspects in the purchasing processes. It becomes easier to take sustainability in account during the purchasing process.

Fiscal benefits

  • Horticulture companies can apply for investments of the MIA- and Vamil regulation in case they want to get PlanetProof certified.

Why Kiwa?

‘On the way to PlanetProof’ is one of Kiwa’s services of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The CSR-services of Kiwa helps organizations with achieving their sustainability goals.

Learn more about the SMK ‘On the way to PlanetProof’ quality mark?

You can find more information about the organization and the ‘On the way to PlanetProof’ quality mark on the website of PlanetProof. You can also contact Kiwa for further information of questions.