Kiwa is NCB (National Certification Body) and CBTL (Certification Board Test Laboratory) according to the worldwide recognized IECEE scheme (IECEE-CB). Kiwa can test and certify according to the CB scheme.

We can offer testing and certification according to the following requirements:

  • IEC 61730 -1 & -2: Safety of PV Modules
  • IEC 61215: Durability & Performance of (Multi & Poly) Crystalline Modules
  • IEC 61646: Durability Solar PV Modules: Durability & Performance
  • IEC 62716: Ammonia Corrosion Test (Stables / Agricultural environments)
  • IEC 61701: Salt mist corrosion tests

If you are interested in any other testing or certification service for Solar, please contact us and we will give you all the information according to your needs.

If you wish to launch your Solar PV modules on of the worldwide markets, it’s preferable to have your products test and certify according to the requirements IEC 61730; IEC 61215; IEC 61646; IEC 62716 and IEC 61701. 

Just contact and Kiwa will inform you about what is neded in order to make a quotation. When given the order, Kiwa will guide you through the whole process and help with collecting all the reports and documents. Parallel to that, an audit at the factory location will be planned and carried out by Kiwa.

We will help you through the entire process of testing and certification of your Solar PV modules according to the different requirements.