Do you produce, supply or process coffee, tea or cocoa products? If you’re part of the supply chain, certification against the UTZ Code of Conduct can help you show the origin of your products, letting consumers see your commitment to sustainability, better production and a better life for growers.

UTZ is a global social certification scheme for coffee, tea and cocoa that is produced in a sustainable and socially responsible way. Certification means you can label your coffee, tea or cocoa products with the UTZ logo, letting you show consumers your sustainability credentials and adding value to your marketing.

It’s not just about the label; certification shows you support sustainable production, which in turn promotes environmental protection and protects farmers’ livelihoods. With UTZ certification, you get a unique, traceable number so your customers can track the product all the way back to the grower, giving you a deeper connection with them.


UTZ Certified Code of Conduct (for producers) and Chain of Custody (for all supply chain actors) certification


All companies in the coffee, tea and cocoa production and supply chain.

What you need to know

The UTZ standard includes two sets of guidelines: the Code of Conduct covers growing and harvesting and the Chain of Custody covers products on their journey from the farm to the shop shelf. Both guidelines are based on International Labor Organization conventions, so they reflect the latest developments in sustainable farming. And because UTZ is a member of the ISEAL Alliance, the guidelines are developed in cooperation with other standard-setting organizations.

All UTZ suppliers have to follow the UTZ Code of Conduct, which offers guidance on better farming methods, working conditions and care for nature. The Code of Conduct focuses on continuous improvement: farmers have to fulfil safety, management and record-keeping criteria, as well as demonstrating their management of employees and protection of the environment. As they continue on their certification journey, the requirements become deeper.

Transparency is key: every step of a product’s journey is recorded online in the Good Inside Portal, so buyers and sellers know how much product is from UTZ certified farms. This helps you be open with your customers and suppliers, strengthening your relationships and partnerships.

Getting certified with Kiwa

Coffee, tea and cocoa farming have many sustainability challenges, from environmental damage to poverty and hunger. Yet the market provides big business opportunities. Certification is a way to benefit from these opportunities while working to alleviate the problems in the industry.

By partnering with Kiwa, you can certify your coffee, tea and cocoa products, making sure they were produced ethically and sustainably, and showing your customers your credibility and commitment to quality.

Good coffee

UTZ means ‘good coffee’ in Mayan. UTZ and Rainforest Alliance merged in 2018, to increase the impact of the programs. They will continue to run in parallel until a single new program is published at the end of 2019.


  • Boost your profits – by getting UTZ certified, you can compete, build trust with your customers and boost your business – and the bottom line
  • Meet customers’ needs – customers are demanding ethically sourced produce and transparency around origin; UTZ certification helps you meet those demands
  • Improve competitiveness – UTZ certification helps you compete with other certified brands in a market that is increasingly demanding transparency
  • Demonstrate your commitment to transparency – certification openly shows customers, partners and employees your products meet the required standards
  • Contribute to sustainability – show your support for global goals on climate change, biodiversity, environmental protection and quality of life for farmers
  • Support farmers in your supply chain – UTZ certification creates a level playing field for farmers, supporting better lives