Spring 2024: Wind Energy Day Kiwa Live


Welcome to Wind Energy Kiwa Live, a virtual event dedicated to the latest advancements and insights in the field of wind energy.

This virtual event will take place on spring 2024. The event is completely free of charge, allowing everyone to participate from anywhere. 

Join us for an informative and engaging experience as we explore the following themes and topics:

  • Wind Energy Visions and Challenges
    Gain valuable insights into the visions and challenges surrounding the wind energy industry. Discover the latest trends, technologies, and innovative solutions that shape the future of sustainable energy
  • Lifetime Assessment and Operational Excellence
    Explore the importance of lifetime assessment in wind turbine operations and the strategies to ensure operational excellence. Learn about common failures, inspection methods, and preventive measures to enhance the performance and longevity of wind turbines.
  • Quality Control and Customer Perspectives
    Delve into quality control practices and non-destructive testing (NDT) methods that ensure the highest standards in the wind energy sector. Gain perspectives from industry experts and customers on quality control programs, experiences, and the role of stakeholders in maintaining superior quality.
  • Panel Discussion - Wind Energy Future Outlook
    Engage in a thought-provoking panel discussion with industry experts and key stakeholders. Explore the future outlook of wind energy, including emerging technologies, market trends, and the potential for renewable energy to drive sustainable development.

The event will be hosted by Milla Kulkas, guiding us through the sessions and facilitating insightful discussions.

The event will be broadcast live from Helsinki, Finland, allowing you to participate conveniently from your workspace or the comfort of your home. A recording of the event will be made available to all registered participants, ensuring that even if you cannot attend the live sessions, you can still access the content at your convenience.