Survey register

Data Controller

Inspecta Ltd, PO Box 1000, 00581 Helsinki, Finland. Tel. +358 10 521 600,

Contact person regarding the register

Satu Kantokoski, PL 1000, 00581 Helsinki, p. 010 521 6356,

Purpose of Personal Data Processing

The register (Webropol) has been established for conducting personnel, customer, and stakeholder surveys, as well as event registrations, produced by Kiwa Inspecta. These surveys are used for maintaining and managing customer relationships, as well as enabling necessary communications for service purposes.

Content of the Register

The information contained in the register depends on the specific survey conducted. The commonly collected data includes the customer's name, email address, postal address, company information, gender, allergy information (e.g., for event registrations). In addition to this information, data regarding the quality attributes of the employment relationship or customer service experience may be collected. The register may also include information provided by the customer through an open data collection form.

Regular Sources of Information

The sources of information include survey forms and registrations conducted through the Webropol survey tool (content depends on the survey), customer registry, and training registry, from which data is obtained directly from registered individuals or through customer agreements.

Regular Disclosures of Data

Data is not disclosed to entities outside the company. Email addresses may be used for marketing communications and targeted digital marketing.

Transfer of Data outside the EU or EEA

The collected data in the register is not transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

Principles of Register Protection

Manual Material

No manual material is generated from the register.

Information Processed in IT Systems

Personal data contained in the feedback system is stored on the servers of Webpropol Oy, the service provider, which is responsible for the monitoring, supervision, and encryption as stated in their agreement. The data is stored within the European Union.

The use of the electronic survey system in Inspecta requires an employment relationship with Inspecta Group Ltd or its subsidiary. Each user is assigned a personal username and password, which are provided for the duration of their employment. The scope of user rights associated with the username depends on the individual's position in the organization. The principle of minimum data is followed in granting user rights, and their usage and necessity are regularly monitored. Upon termination of the employment, the username is modified to a form that the user cannot utilize anymore.

Right of Inspection

The data subject has the right to inspect the information stored in the personal register. A request for inspection must be made in writing to the email address

Right to Request Correction of Data

The data subject has the right to request the correction of any incorrect information in the register. A request for correction must be made in writing to the email address

Other Rights Related to Personal Data Processing

The data subject has the right to prohibit notifications, marketing communications, and any other possible messages sent for the maintenance of customer relationships. The prohibition must be made in writing to the email address