20 december 2022

Even voorstellen: Mohammad Sadeghian

My name is Mohammad Sadeghian, I am 28 years old and come from Iran. I studied Civil Engineering at the University of Tehran, with my master's focus on Road and Transportation Engineering. Improving road construction process and quality of asphalt materials has always been my passion. What started as conducting different asphalt performance tests at Pavement Laboratory for two years in Iran and continued to almost two years participating in several road construction projects for various contractors in the Netherlands.

Starting a new chapter is always challenging as it begins by ending one. By the end of December 2022, I finish my Engineering Doctorate (EngD) in Construction Management and Engineering and I am starting a new job position as a consultant at Kiwa KOAC. I am really enthusiastic about working at Kiwa KOAC and I am ready for new challenges.

Along with my expertise, I am an informal consultant and advising talented bachelor's and master's students in Iran to build their careers for the future. Helping people grow and driving them toward success has always made me feel ecstatic spiritually. Also, I am a football fan and my preference is Spanish football league (La Liga) and especially Real Madrid CF.

I am looking forward to officially starting my job at Kiwa KOAC on the 1st of January 2023.

Kind regards,
Mohammad Sadeghian
E: Mohammad.Sadeghian@kiwa.com