Accelerated lifetime evaluation for Fuel Reformers and Fuel Cell Systems

Next to the main component methane natural gas can have the following components in various quantities:

  • N2
  • CO2
  • O2
  • H2
  • CxHy (higher hydrocarbons other than methane like propylene, propane, butane,…)

Kiwa Technology has the possibility to mix all kind of complex (natural) gas compositions, which will be distributed in Europe or elsewhere in the world.


Biogas is an upcoming regenerative fuel, which will be distributed via the natural gas grid. Biogas can contain the following contaminants:

  • Sulphur (and sulphur compounds)
  • Odorants (THT)
  • H2S
  • Mercaptan
  • NH3
  • Chlorinated and fluorine-containing compounds
  • HCL and HCN
  • CO and CO2
  • Benzene, toluene, xylene
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons
  • H2

Kiwa has the knowledge and the laboratory facilities for testing reformers and fuel cell stacks to ensure the lifetime and sound operation of your reformer and fuel cell system.

Gas and material test facilities

Kiwa Technology can provide:

  • Low and high pressure (up to 1300 bar) (hydrogen and other gases) test facilities
  • Sophisticated laboratories for gas analysis, chromatography.
  • Facilities to expose cells, stacks and systems to various gaseous, liquid and solid contaminants.
  • Material (metal, polymers) analysis labs, chemical analysis of corrosion products, microscopy.
  • Ability to design, build and operate test stands based on specifications of clients.