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Kiwa brings you Trust, Quality and Progress. We do so by applying our leading-edge expertise and knowledge in a wide variety of subjects, industries and markets. When it comes to quality, safety, health, sustainability, uptime and profitability, it is an advantage to have a partner to share knowledge with and to grow with. A partner you can consult to help you in day-to-day work and in tackling the challenges facing your organisation. Kiwa can be that partner.

Note that we strictly separate our consultancy services from our testing, inspection and certification activities. There is no connection whatsoever; all our services are fully independent.

Services (209 results)
Preliminary design of PV Plant

Kiwa PI Berlin will analyze various configurations for the design of the PV plant, considering aspects such as equipment options, tracking and fixed, orientation, tilt angles, row distances, DC/AC ratios, etc. A preliminary design will be created for the chosen design configuration.

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Impact – Safety, environmental and quality application

Impact is a mobile safety, environmental, and quality management application developed in Finland. It is a cloud-based SaaS solution that assures quick and effortless implementation.

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Data and Consultancy

Unlock actionable insights and forecasts with Kiwa PVEL's data and consulting services, empowering your solar and energy storage procurement strategies.

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Geotechnical Engineering and Geophysical Studies

Our expertise includes field exploration services, laboratory testing, and engineering evaluation and reporting. We have worked on large, significant projects, and have tailored cost-effective services for each.

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Renewable Energy Quality and Consulting

PPI Quality and Engineering provides timely insight into your renewable energy operations with services and software solutions for quality assurance and asset tracking.

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Construction Engineering and Inspection

Raba Kistner has provided successful construction project administration and coordination for clients throughout the Southwestern United States and beyond since 1968.

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Commissioning - commissioning of technical installations (BREEAM)

Discover how Vinçotte (member of Kiwa Group) ensures the safe, legally compliant commissioning of technical installations. We guide you through the construction process and provide insurance-ready verification. Your partner for technical assurance.

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Energy performance test

Optimize your energy efficiency with professional energy performance testing. Independent measurements and accurate assessments for various applications.

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Risk analysis fire electric or hybrid vehicle

Ensure the safety of your electric or hybrid vehicle operations with Vinçotte's (member of Kiwa Group) expert risk analysis services. From personalized recommendations to comprehensive assessments, trust us to minimize fire risks and create a secure working environment for your business.

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Design review of pressure equipment

Navigate the complexities of pressure equipment design with confidence. Vinçotte's (member of Kiwa Group) expert engineers meticulously evaluate every aspect of your equipment's design, ensuring adherence to regulations, international standards, and your specific requirements. From risk analysis to material selection, our tailored solutions empower you to mitigate risks and optimize performance throughout the equipment's life cycle.

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Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI)

Pre-shipment inspection of finished PV modules serves to check the modules for any obvious physical defects. Inspection is carried out on a sample basis and used to release modules for shipment.

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Fire prevention

Ensure fire safety in your construction project with Vinçotte (member of Kiwa Group). Our experts guide you through fire prevention, from design to maintenance. Meet legal requirements with our personalized solutions.

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Connect by Kiwa - customer portal

Connect by Kiwa brings together the documents and equipment registers from our inspections in a digital format. It is a simple and easy-to-use tool for managing equipment.

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People are skydiving
Roof safety RI&E (Risk Inventory and Evaluation)

When designing buildings, the safe performance of maintenance during short-term work is generally not, or insufficiently, taken into account. This concerns work such as carrying out cleaning maintenance, minor repairs, inspections, etc.

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Lab Kiwa
Evaluation fuel reformers and fuel cell systems

Kiwa Technology has the possibility to mix all kind of complex (natural) gas compositions, which will be distributed in Europe or elsewhere in the world.

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Research word web
Accidents and Incidents Analysis

The independent investigation of incidents enables them to be used objectively as lessons to be learnt for the future. By learning from incidents, the correct measures can be taken to reduce these. For gas network operators in the Netherlands, Kiwa Technology provides a call-out service that can be reached 24/7.

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Asset Management
Gas distribution safety

Gas distribution safety is currently a topic of high social interest. Organisations such as the supervisory bodies, the Dutch Energy Council and the Dutch National Mines Inspectorate explicitly hold network operators accountable for their responsibilities in ensuring safe gas distribution.

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Laptop with grafic network on it
Discover Irene Pro

Irene Pro is a comprehensive and user-friendly analysis and calculation solution for gas networks. Developed by Kiwa, Irene Pro serves as an essential tool for numerous network operators in the construction, management and maintenance of gas networks.

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Lab Kiwa
Permeation and chemical compatibility

Kiwa is your partner for assessing the chemical compatibility and material performance of applied materials and the corresponding tests like permeation, immersion or rapid gas decompression tests. Testing material samples, pipes, components or even complete systems is possible.

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PE tubes polymers
Polymer materials in construction, building and infrastructure

Polymers are widely used in construction, building and infrastructure. Construction and utility parts in buildings are often partly or completely polymeric or elastomeric products. This can be as wall panels, roofing materials, piping systems, seals, coatings and a large number of other products.

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Penetrant testing
Reliability engineering of polymer products

Reliablity engineering of plastic and rubber products. The realisation of reliable polymer and rubber products starts in the design or engineering stage. There the fundamental choices are made that have a major influence on the functioning of the product in the end.

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Gas and water heat research
Replacement and maintenance strategies

Replacement and maintenance strategies - This is a costly and time-consuming operation, which means it is important to make clear choices about which sections it would be best to replace within which period of time. Kiwa Technology can advise you.

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Gas Manometer
Verification technical aspects

Based on the Dutch Gas Transportation and Delivery Act (Gaswet), a regional gas network operator (regionale gasnetbeheerder or RNB) is responsible for gas quality. In this context, quality means the composition of the gas and its odour characteristics.

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