Monitoring the indicators gives you an objective impression of how your operations are performing and the progress you are making towards set objectives. Benchmarking or comparing your indicators with those of other companies is a very insightful way of measuring your performance. The ultimate goal of benchmarking is to control and improve the processes in your organisation that the indicators portray. As a result, you can achieve your objectives quickly and efficiently.

Various types of benchmark analyses can be made:

  • (Technical) process departments comparison in a network company or between companies/countries
  • Asset management activities and departments comparison or between companies/sectors/countries
  • Risk-based asset management activities comparison between companies/sectors/countries
  • Risk management activities between companies/sectors/countries

Relevant to:

  • Asset manager
  • Asset specialist
  • Risk specialist
  • Risk managers
  • Specialists/Generalists
  • Quality officers
  • (Internal) auditors
  • HSE coordinators
  • Department managers

Benchmarking can be used for making comparisons between your company and other companies operating in the same or different sectors in the same or different countries. Internal benchmarks can also be set up for making comparisons between departments or units. Benchmarks can also stimulate healthy competition. In general, benchmarks provide greater insight into and improve your organisation. This often results in increased efficiency and effectiveness and therefore profitability.

Working together with your, Kiwa Technology can compare the objectives and indicators (KPIs) for your relevant processes in a benchmark. After doing this, Kiwa Technology can adapt, supplement or set objectives, KPIs and organise the supporting data management process efficiently and transparently in collaboration with you.

Depending on the scope of the benchmark:

  • Identification of the objectives and KPIs
  • Collection of the relevant data
  • Comparison of this date with the objectives and KPIs of other companies/sectors/countries
  • Analysis of the results
  • Formulation of improvement proposals
  • Implementation of improvement proposals