The storage part of a container tank can be single or double walled. Single walled tanks must be placed in a second containment, with a volume equal to the capacity of the tank. The storage part of the container tank may be divided into compartments.

For whom?

BRL-K21013/01 is intended for suppliers/producers of container tanks.

When is it necessary?

Supplying/producing of container tanks under the product certificate BRL-K21013 give users, but also the competent authority, the confidence that the container tanks are produced under a quality assurance system audited by Kiwa.

A container tank in accordance with BRL-K21013 will be supplied with a declaration of conformity tank. Besides this declaration of conformity tank an installation certificate must be issued to prove that the tank installation is in accordance with local laws and regulations (NL).

The outside of the container tank and second containment shall be provided with a corrosion protection system. For this purpose, a durable paint system with a life expectancy of at least 15 years must be applied by a BRL-K790 certified company. As an option, the inside of a carbon steel container tank can be provided with an corrosion protection system. This system must also be applied in accordance with BRL-K790.


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