Our LVD test laboratory is equipped to test a broad range of devices from domestic, commercial & gas appliances to IT and lab equipment. We conduct most generic tests called up by harmonised standards such as IEC/EN 60950 IEC/EN 62368 and IEC/EN 61010 A specialist climactic chamber has been installed to support the testing of very large devices.

Compliance to the Low Voltage Directive is best considered in the design phase as small oversights can add substantial delays to product launch, so we work with manufacturers in the early stages and use our compliance and electrical design expertise to advise on modifications that may be necessary to meet the required standards. Our expert electrical safety testing team is customer-centred, whether we're conducting a full suite of tests against EN 60335 or a short phone call to discuss component selection.

 Our LVD test reports can be used to demonstrate compliance all over the world and our global approvals department can manage the process for you.

 We also keep an eye on standards development to advise designers and manufacturers of impending changes so that futureproofing can be engineered into the product.

 In addition to LVD testing, Kiwa Electrical Compliance can assist with:

  • EMC testing
  • Ingress Protection testing
  • Global Market Access

 For a fast, friendly and flexible solution for your LVD compliance needs, please get in touch.

 Our LVD tests include:

  • Glow wire
  • Temperature rise
  • Impact testing
  • Electric strength
  • Earth bond
  • Creepage

The laboratory is also capable of carrying out long term humidity testing of appliances using an on-site 7.5m3 climatic chamber. This is especially useful for gaming machines, vending machines and other very large appliances.

LVD testing is carried out to EN 60335-1, and typically includes assessments of the instructions, construction, circuit boards, insulation, flammability and abnormal fault conditions. Additionally, consideration is given to the IP rating - zone 1 or zone 2. It is also appropriate to the power supply depending on its location within the final installation, although the mains power itself must not be within zones 1 or 2.
We are a UKAS accredited testing laboratory (No. 2667) to safety test the following part 2's:

  • EN60335-2-08: Shavers and hair clippers
  • EN60335-2-13: Deep fat fryer, electric frying pans and similar appliances
  • EN60335-2-23: Appliances for skin or hair care
  • EN60335-2-29: Battery chargers
  • EN60335-2-30: Room heaters
  • EN60335-2-40: Heat exchangers and thermoelectric coolers (non-refrigerant type) only
  • EN60335-2-41: Pumps (NEW)
  • EN60335-2-52: Oral hygiene appliances
  • EN60335-2-59: Insect killers
  • EN60335-2-73: Fixed immersion heaters
  • EN60335-2-75: Commercial dispensing appliances and vending machines
  • EN60335-2-80: Fans
  • EN60335-2-82: Amusement and personal services machines
  • EN60335-2-85: Fabric steamers
  • EN60335-2-98: Humidifiers
  • EN60335-2-102: Gas, oil and solid-fuel burning appliances having electrical connections ideally at the development stage of new electrical products.