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When you bring something new onto the market, you want to eliminate quality and safety risks. After all, your potential customers or clients need to be able to trust your product, component, (raw) material or its application. In other words, they'll have to be confident that it reliably performs the way it is supposed to, compliant with local and international rules and regulations. Kiwa's independent, fully equipped and highly qualified testing labs and services bring that trust.

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Plastics Piping Systems Outside Buildings
Kiwa Watermark Certification and Testing for Plastics Piping Systems Outside Buildings

Plastics piping systems for the transport of cold drinking water outside buildings can be certified with Kiwa Watermark to ensure quality. Kiwa quality statements under Kiwa evaluation guidelines BRL- K506, BRL- K522, BRL- K17101, BRL- K17102, BRL- K17104, BRL-K17105, BRL- K17201, BRL- K17202, BRL- K17301, BRL- K17401 and BRL- K17605.

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Sanitary Tapware Components and Accessories
Kiwa Watermark Certification and Testing for Sanitary Tapware Components & Accessories

Certification and testing for hoses, shower heads, hand showers and other sanitary tapware components with the Kiwa Watermark. Covering Kiwa evaluation guidelines BRL- K622, BRL- 658, BRL- K668, BRL- K14025, BRL- K14026, BRL- K14034.

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Contaminated Land Investigation

Kiwa CMT | We examine ground contamination

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Rubber seals for water pipelines

Effective and long term performance of rubber seals is essential to prevent leakage of pipelines and subsequent spillage of water and high costs for repair and damage. Increasingly, authorities, pipe system suppliers and other parties in the chain of custody are demanding proof of quality of rubber seals.

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Gas Meters

Kiwa Energy | Gas meter hire, sale and calibration

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Chemical analysis of polymers and elastomers

Do you have questions about the composition or nature of a polymer material, component, a contamination or a chemical attack? Good to know that Kiwa has a large number of laboratories that are well equipped with a broad variety of different chemic...

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Sun coming behind a tree today
Polymer materials, testing of weathering resistance

Plastics are often used out- or indoors exposed to daylight or to daylight behind glass for long periods. The effects of daylight, heat, moisture and other climatic stresses may have influence on the aesthetic and mechanical properties of plastics and for that reason the resistance to these effects is investigated.

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Information security
Power supply equipment (EN 54-4)

The EN 54-4 power supply equipment may have its own cabinet, or may be housed with other equipment of the fire detection and fire alarm system, such as the control and indicating equipment of EN 54-2 of EN 54-16. A fire detection and fire alarm system may use more than one power supply equipment.

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Test equipment for plastics and rubbers

Within the Kiwa organisation there are a large number of accredited laboratories. This means that the scope of possible tests within the entire Kiwa Group is so wide that is impossible to mention them all here. Although not limited to polymer test...

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Kiwa 20% Hydrogen Blend Mark

Kiwa offers a new voluntary 20% Hydrogen Mark, based on its Test Requirements for natural gas appliances burning up to 20% Hydrogen admixture, using EN15502 as the reference standard.

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Materials Consulting and Testing

Raba Kistner is known throughout the industry as a leader for providing inspection and testing services of construction materials.

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Rubber rings
Drinking Water Materials Testing – BS 6920

BS 6920 is a requirement for manufacturers and suppliers of non-metallic materials/products that are used in contact with drinking water.

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Dust Analysis System (DAS 2.0)

Dust Analysis System (DAS 2.0) is a device to quantify the soiling status of operating PV power plants, which can help to schedule the best time to clean the modules, save the cleaning cost and maximize the power output for owners or O&M providers.

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Carriageway testing

Comprehensive materials testing for the design, construction and repair of highways

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Sewerage systems inside
KOMO Certification and Testing of Plastic Piping Products for Drainage Systems

Plastic piping products for drainage systems can be certified with the KOMO quality mark. KOMO quality statements under Kiwa assessment guidelines BRL- 1401, 1404, 1405, 1410, 1411 and 1412.

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Metal piping
Kiwa Watermark Certification and Testing for Metal Piping

Products like copper tubes, steel pipes and other products intended for safe transport of drinking water can be certified with the Kiwa Watermark quality mark. Evaluation guidelines in this scope are BRL- K760, BRL- K761, BRL- K762, BRL- K767, BRL- K771, BRL- K772, BRL- K775, BRL- K795, BRL- K10018, BRL- K1028, BRL- K19005.

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Legionella Prevention Systems
Kiwa Watermark Certification and Testing for Legionella Prevention Systems

Certification of legionella prevention systems to prevent or reduce the growth of legionella bacteria in tap water installations. Kiwa Watermark assessment guidelines in this scope are BRL- 6010, BRL- K14010-1, BRL- K14010-2 and BRL- K14012.

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Road and Highway Tests

Kiwa has testing systems, to check all characteristics that may apply to the design, construction and management of roads, industrial sites and dike revetments. The tests focus on capturing of pavement surface data, recording of the structural condition, loads exerted on the construction and environmental aspects.

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CBR Testing

Kiwa CMT | We perform CBR Testing at construction sites

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Row of cars in the parking lot
Testing and certification with alternative fluids such as CNG, LNG, LPG and H2

Kiwa offers manufacturers of components for automotive vehicles using compressed natural gas (CNG) testing and certification services of automotive components for LPG, CNG, LNG and hydrogen sectors, as well as electromagnetic compatibility and several climatic tests.

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Quality control
Rubber, physical-mechanical-chemical testing

Rubber | Physical-mechanical-chemical testing

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Battery testing according to UN 38.3

Batteries containing lithium must be tested in accordance with UN 38.3 to ensure safe transport.

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