KIWA guideline K525 kan be used by architects, housing construction corporations, local authorities, contractors, installing and plumbing companies for the specification of the requirements to adhesive joints in thermoplastic piping systems for drinking water.
Manufacturers and suppliers of adhesives can distinguish themselves in the market with a KIWA product certificate.

To obtain a KIWA product certificate for adhesive for thermoplastic piping systems for the transport of drinking water.

1) Request for a quotation at the product specialist, directly or via Kiwa Rubber Team.
2) Quotation = agreement based on the requirements in the evaluation guideline.
3) After mutual signing the initial evaluation is carried out.
4) After a positive result and signing of the contract the certificate is granted.
5) Certificate is valid indefinitely.
6) The conditions of the certification process are laid down in the Regulation for certification and General Terms for assignments to Kiwa.