The systems comprehend pipes, fittings and couplings in plastics, metal, concrete and GRP.
The certification scheme applies to seals made of solid vulcanised rubber, including
O-rings, gaskets and other designs, with welded joints as well as with protective coating.

In this evaluation guideline the rubber products are classified according to the following fields op application:
Class I Non-potable water supply, drainage, sewerage and rain water
Class II Non-potable water supply at intermittently high temperatures
Class III Non-potable hot water circulation systems based on classification class 2 in ISO 10508
Class IV District heating, secondary systems with hot water ciculation between 75 °C and 95 °C

Kiwa carries out certifications and inspections of rubber seals for manufacturers of rubber compounds and rubber products, distributors and traders.

For the certification of vulcanised rubber products, more specificly seals, for applications for drainage, sewerage, rain water and heating. 

For drinking water application we refer to evaluation guideline K17504.

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