However, we can offer you these FPC assessment voluntarily. The scope is thereby almost every type of construction product, as Kiwa is notified for almost every type of construction product to carry out tasks under the CPR.
Examples include insulation products, aggregates, fences etc.

Any manufacturer who should label his / her products with CE and want to have a voluntary periodic external audit from Kiwa.

If you are a manufacturer of building products and has a need to an additional external inspection and assurance of your Factory Production Control.

We conduct an initial assessment of your FPC and then we visit your business with a certain frequency. This frequency is dependent upon the involved European harmonized standard. The standard frequency is 1x per year.

We carry out the assessment in accordance with the CPR and the relevant harmonized standard. The only difference is that we do not perform this in the role of a CPR Notified body but in the role of product certification body, as it is not formally a task is in the context of the CPR.

For more information about the process steps and conditions please refer to the product page for the relevant harmonized standards or we ask you to directly contact us.

Certificate And use of logo

After the positive decision of the initial assessment, you will receive a certificate of conformity of the factory production control. 

You can then use on your website, letterhead, etcetera the "FPC scanned Kiwa' logo.