The primary goal of KAT is the traceability and guarantee of the origin of eggs at all times. For this purpose KAT has created a central database. Participation in this quality system is interesting if you intend to market eggs in Germany. The scheme manager is KAT and they establish the guidelines and regulations. These regulations can be found here. Do you want to participate in KAT? Register via the KAT website and indicate that you want to be inspected by Kiwa VERIN.


The audit includes an inspection of the premises and poultry houses.  During this part of the audit, many of the applicable criteria are already inspected. The administrative records are also inspected. This inspection ensures that the products that are supplied are safe for humans and animals and that the origin can be traced. We arrange inspections as efficiently as possible, and where possible we perform  "combi visits". This means that compliance with various quality systems can be inspected in a single visit such as IKB, VLOG, BLk.

Please contact us for more information and the current fees.