Kiwa Training can serve you with tailor-made training and seminars on various subjects of plastic and rubber technology.
Working with plastics and rubbers is not always easy. The materials have their own specific properties, which when not taken into account can lead to problems with the product afterwards. Certainly for those that do not produce products themselves but buy all kind of parts to assemble their own product. They need to specify their needs in such a way that all parts will function well in their end product. To be able to have fruitful discussions with suppliers a certain training can be very useful. Kiwa can provide such trainings. Also another type of training for instance for welders of plastic pipes is part of the possibilities of Kiwa. For those trainings you are asked to look at Kiwa Training.

All kind of materials

For training in how to set up requirements, what are the typical properties of a material and more the Kiwa  has the capabilities to serve you.

We can help you with all kinds of materials as there are: rubbers (both natural and synthetic), thermoplastic elastomers, thermoplastics, thermosets and reinforced plastics.

Also all kinds of applications are possible. In the past projects are carried out in the gas, water, building, offshore, medical, food, feet and industrial areas.

An outline of our services:

Target group

Those who want to know more about polymeric materials.

About Kiwa 

Kiwa has specialized business units that focus on specific market segments, in the Netherlands and internationally. We offer specialist services in areas such as energy and water, fire safety and security, infrastructure, roof and facade advice, sports facilities and training. You can contact these business units for testing, inspection, certification, training and consultancy tailored to your market segment.