Who is it for?
Owners of artificial turf playing fields.

When do you need it?
When an artificial turf field is at the end of its technical life.

Process steps
Determine the client's wishes and requirements with regard to:
- artificial turf top layer;
- facilities on and around the field;
- water regime;
- sprinkler irrigation;
- lighting;
- etc.

Analysis of the existing situation:
- examine the available documentation;
- assess quality of existing construction;
- decide on reuse/recycling of materials;
- environmental survey (optional).

Compile the advisory report:
- report on renovation or renewal advice;
- Schedule of Requirements, cost estimate, technical work descriptions, etc. (optional);
- assistance with the invitation to tender and acceptance of tender (optional).

About Kiwa ISA Sport
Kiwa ISA Sport is the number one knowledge institute for sports facilities. We have been providing support on various aspects of the construction and maintenance of top quality, sustainable and safe sports facilities for over fifty years, mainly in the Netherlands, but also internationally. We have been part of Kiwa since 2011.

We are fully independent and have all the necessary know-how about artificial turf constructions, standards and test methods. Our civil-engineering advisers are there to help you, also during the preparations of your new-build projects.