Solar Energy systems

Solar energy systems may consist of solar heat systems (solar boilers) and solar power systems (PV) or a combination of these. Since the early 1990s, BDA has been active in the field of integrating solar energy systems in roofs and facades. Both for new development projects and for existing buildings, there is a clear trend toward solar energy systems. Solar energy systems are also used as building products that, for example, can fully perform the function of a waterproof layer.

BDA participates actively in several national and European standardisation committees to regulate the architectural integration in roofs and facades and to promote the use of solar energy systems. Key assessment criteria are the wind load/wind resistance and water-tightness of the solar energy system. NEN 7250 has been published for the assessment of solar energy systems on roofs and facades. For flat roofs, pitched roofs and facades, the assessments or necessary tests can be performed by the BDA Group. This often requires calculations relating to the wind load at project level. BDA’s involvement in the national and European standardisation committees allows BDA to provide recommendations on project level, based on background knowledge of these standards, but also for system development.