More and more consumers are demanding high-quality coffee and are willing to pay a few cents more for the protection of birds, a healthy environment and delicious coffees to support the livelihoods of small farmers.

SMBC's Bird Friendly Certificate is a certificate of %100 organic , high quality and only the most healthy farms.

This certificate  can be applied to farmers, ovens, distributors and consumers who want to produce quality coffee beans, resulting in better tasting and high-priced specialty coffee.

What you want to know?

Manufacturers and processors The Bird Friendly certificate must be re-certified every three years to continue to meet its requirements.

Coffee must be organic certified in addition to the Bird Friendly program.

Importers, distributors and ovens who want to use the BF logo for packaging and other marketing materials must pay a small license fee for the Bird Friendly certificate.

Certified with Kiwa

Kiwa BCS OEKO-GARANTIE GmbH has over 25 years of experience in organic certification. In 1992, BCS became the first German certification body to be registered under the European Union Organic Regulation (EEC 2092/91). BCS OEKO-GARANTIE has gained a very good place in the European market since then and has gained a strong international presence well-known in the target markets for organic products such as the EU, the US and Japan. Kiwa BCS provides its services in the organic market all over the world thanks to its versatile accreditations, records and collaborations.

USPS / benefits

  • It shows that you are a company with ambitious, innovative, high confidence and high goals.
  • Reliable - Shows that you meet your expectations, provide your commitments, and maintain your competence.
  • Interest - proof of  loyality and service-oriented